Lexus LF-A Concept Car

Lexus LF-A Concept Car full front

Lexus LF-A Concept Car rear

Lexus LF-A Concept Car front face

Lexus LF-A Concept Car front corner

Lexus LF-A Concept Car

Lexus LF-A Concept car pictures

The Lexus LF line is a series of concept cars built by Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation. The "LF" line utilizes L-finesse, a specific design direction by Lexus. The design language of L-finesse was first introduced on the LF Series concepts and has now extended to all new vehicles in the Lexus lineup. The LF Series vehicles include three coupes/convertibles: the LF-A, the LF-A Roadster, and the LF-C; two sedans: the LF-S and LF-Sh; and two crossover SUVs: the LF-X and LF-Xh. These vehicles feature new design cues which derive from the L-finesse philosophy of "Intriguing Elegance" (純), "Incisive Simplicity" (妙), and "Seamless Anticipation" (予). New vehicle technologies include advanced instrumentation, multiple driver-selected vehicle configurations, hybrid and experimental powertrains, and unconventional driver interface designs. The first concept vehicle of the LF Series, the LF-X, appeared in 2003. Several of the LF concept vehicles have appeared close to their production counterparts, while the design cues of other LF concepts appeared on more distinctly different production vehicles.

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