Land Rover Freelander


The Land Rover Freelander's body and suspension do indeed depart from standard Land Rover practice. Rather than the ladder chassis design that has been used ever since the Series 1, the Freelander is designed with a monocoque body shell type construction like that on modern cars.
Land Rover Freelander 2 was launched at the British International Motor Show in London. The Freelander 2 has large vented brake discs front and rear. The large front discs – 316 mm on the petrol model, 300 mm on the diesel – are ‘reverse vented’, so they draw cool air into the disc over the central bell, which is then vented out from the rim of the disc.
Land Rover Freelander 2 is available with a wide variety of wheels and tyres, ranging from 16-inch to 19-inch diameter. Freelander 2 uses a monocoque construction. Ultra-high-strength steel is used more extensively than in any previous Land Rover, in the door beams and for various strengthening reinforcements. Freelander 2 is designed to be able to brush off knocks and scuffs. Vulnerable areas of the car, including the sills and lower doors, are coated in a tough thermoplastic cladding.

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